Blue Print, Portsmouth

Architects: Geoffrey Thorpe Architecture 3,500m² of half-round cladding profile

This is a development of three buildings designed by Thorpe Architecture as a combination of mixed office and industrial units. It is the first ever development in the UK to use a half-round profile. It was also the first project in the UK to use an early iridescent coating in a colour called barrier blue.

Full credit must go to the Thorpe practice for their vision in using this profile as a horizontal wall cladding. Prior to this project, the profile had only ever been used as a roofing profile in mainland Europe. Another interesting feature of these buildings was the concept of using exposed BSR black filler at the ends of the profile, which created very crisp detailing and eliminated the need for flashings. The final result is a very aesthetic and practical development in the imperial style with contrasting white colonnades.