Dyson Headquarters and Factory, Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Architects: Chris Wilkinson Associates Structural Engineers: Anthony Hunt Associates 20,000m² deep decking roof 5,000m² metres of sinusoidal cladding profile

For many years JB Building Products has been involved with others in the design and supply of decking systems, where a combination of long spans, superior performance and aesthetics are required. These systems provide greater design freedom by reducing the number of supporting elements and giving more flexibility in the use of floor area. This philosophy has been shown to great effect on this project. Jerry Forrest worked closely with PDA, a world leader in steel building design and the structural engineers to enable the specified criteria to be accommodated. The 200mm deep decking profile single spans 10m and is fixed directly to slender steel columns on a 20m x 10m single span grid. At the gable ends the distinctive stressed skin waved roof cantilevers out 1.8m, unsupported by any vertical columns.