Grattan Distribution Centre, Bradford

Architects: Singleton Architects 200,000m² of various roofing and cladding profiles 5,000m² of internal fire wall with Cryatherm

When completed this project was the most advanced distribution centre in Europe, the largest single phase building in Europe and the largest commercial contract placed in 1987 which utilised profiled cladding and roofing. The building covers 23 acres on a 53 acre site in the centre of Bradford. It is 300m long with an eaves height in the high bay area of 20m. The length necessitated using essential elements of the building design to break up the long elevations. Externally the building was divided into a 15m column grid with large castellated columns used as supports and coloured blue to contrast with the PVF2 silver cladding. Jerry was instrumental in designing the internal fire wall. It achieved a fire rating of 6 hours when only 2 hours were required.