IMAX Cinema, Waterloo, London

Architects: Avery Associates 1,500m² of long strip metal roofing

This cinema is the largest IMAX cinema in Europe and a £20 million Millennium project. The circular dome roof is impressive. It spans 20m and is supported by ten huge steel trusses, each weighing 5 tonnes. This special steel roofing has been proven in Europe for 25 years but was introduced to the UK market by Jerry Forrest in 1997. On this project the roof was coated in a PVF2-based three coat system incorporating metallic pigments which gives the roof the appearance of aluminium, whilst having the strength of steel. Jerry Forrest and the roofing contractor Kelsey Roofing Industries were involved at the earliest stages of this project, presenting pre-construction and design development programmes plus liaising with contractors to ensure a smooth interface throughout.