Marchwood Waste Plant, Fawley, Hampshire

Architects: Space Architecture of Paris Structural Engineers: Construction Co. CNIM 16,000m² of Geometrica space frame

JB Building Products has recently been closely involved in the development of the first galvanized Geometrica steel three dimensional space frame dome in Europe. This unique design has a base diameter of 110m and a height of 35m. It is the largest self-supporting dome to be constructed in Europe. The project is the result of extensive discussions with the design team of Construction Co. CINM of La Seyne and PDA, Geometrica of Houston, the architects and the client, Hampshire Waste Services. This design has saved more than three quarters of the conventional structural weight and associated fabrication costs, while the internal plant has been constructed simultaneously saving time. All the 50,000 steel components were bar-coded at the factory to ensure accuracy of assembly and reduce erection time. The dome is clad with metal decking, a geo membrane and an aluminium skin.