The Waves Centre, Blackburn

Architects: FaulknerBrowns Structural Engineers: Felix J. Samualy 2,700m² of special built-up roof system

This futuristic leisure centre was commissioned by the local authority with FaulknerBrowns. It is a leisure centre which was one of the first in the UK to have a long helter-skelter shute into the water with lots of curves and contours included in the pools design. The roof structure is a deep decking based on a grid system of 4m spans. The internal conditions were for extremely high humidity and acoustics values and the white coated web perforated aluminium decking met both of these requirements. The external built-up roofing system incorporates structural zeds, offset at pre-determined spans, with a semi-deep steel trapezoidal external profile coated in metallic silver PVF2.