Westbourne Studios, London

Architects: Langley Hall Associates 3,5000m² of sinusoidal cladding profile

This interesting project is literally either side of the elevated A40 (M) as you drive into London from the west and either side of the main line into Paddington station. There is an office tower either side of the motorway connected by a covered courtyard under the flyover which acts as the internal roof. The development is partly surrounded by railway sidings, a main-line and tube trains. The towers are all curves with a lot of interesting and very tight detailing. They are completely clad in a deep sinusoidal steel profile, coated in a PVF2-based three coat system, which incorporates copper pigments. These pigments dramatically change colour with the ambient light, from deep blue to deep red. This project also enabled the cladding contractors SD Samuels Ltd. to win the commercial category in PICA in 2001, sponsored by Gasell Profiles.