100 Winnersh Triangle, Reading

Architects: Slough Estates Structural Engineers: Tooke and Partners 4,500m² of long strip metal roofing

100 Winnersh Triangle is a mixed office and studio development which was designed using deep structural liner trays on a 4m span grid in conjunction with PDA. There are four roofs on the site which have all been stylishly finished externally with a long strip soft steel roofing system. This innovative development was the first project in the UK to use this particular type of roofing, which has been proven in use throughout Europe. Jerry Forrest introduced this product to the UK construction industry in 1997. On this particular project the roofing has been coated in a PVF2-based three coating system which incorporates metallic pigments. As the ambient light changes, the roof appears to change colour; in this instance from a silvery grey to a deep graphite. This gives the roofs the appearance of aluminium, whilst having the strength of steel.